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Mr. Yousef Mourad Passed Away

Mr. Yousef Mourad, known to the Schneller people as KHAWAJAH Yousef, passed away on Wednesday 19 December 2012. The funeral was held in St. Michael's Church in Schneller School on Friday 21 at 3.00 PM. He was buried in the Schneller cemetery.
Mr. Yousef Mourad Mr. Yousef Mourad was a graduate of the Syrian Orphanage (Schneller School) in Jerusalem. He was among the very last of Schneller people to leave the Jerusalem compound during the second world war. He returned to Lebanon, and accepted the invitation of Rev. Hermann Schneller who had just returned from exile in Australia at the end of the war, to work in Johann Ludwig Schneller School in Khirbet Qanafar. The school in Khirbet was just being founded at that time, and Mr. Mourad worked from that time as the head of the finance office. He worked in that capacity through out his working career and assisted all the directors of the school until his retirement. He and his late wife, Mrs. Lydia Mourad, served Schneller School in the most dedicated manner all their life. Mr. Mourad also served as acting director of Johann Ludwig Schneller school for the academic year 1985/1986.
He will be greatly missed by all the Schneller people and his family and friends.

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