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LBMS and RC Haberfield Blankets and Bed sheets

With kind grants kindly donated by LBMS (Lutheran Board for Mission Support) and Haberfield Rotary Club the children of ourNew Blankets and Bed Sheets boarding department were provided with urgent needs.
The boys boarding homes needed new blankets. With the grant from LBMS we bought 128 blankets to all the boys of the boarding department.
The boarding homes of the girls needed quilts and bed sheets. With the grant from RC Haberfield we bought quilts and bed sheets.
Now all the boarding homes have all the necessary items to keep our girls and boys warm and happy.
We thank LBMS and RC Haberfield for those wonderful grants and for their patience with us.
It took us a long time to implement both projects, but we needed to make sure that we are getting lasting items for a good price. We bought single blankets and washed them in our laundry to test them. We only bought the 128 blankets after making sure the items were of good and lasting quality.
All items were bought from Beirut from a supplier called White City. The price we paid was one third of what we would have had to pay in the Beqaa region.
We apologize to all partners that we are unable to implement projects upon receipt of money. A long process is necessary to make sure the grants are properly invested and are not wasted on inferior or overpriced products.
Thank you for your patience and wonderful support! New Blankets and Bed Sheets Quilts and Sheets for Girls

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