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american women's club visit and american american women's club visit and american women's league food donation wednesday 25 may was a public holiday in lebanon (liberation day) when a group of around eighty persons, mainly womenamerican women's club in jlss form the women's club of the american university of beirut, visited our school. they arrived at 10.00 am and they were welcomed with coffee and juice in the fellowship hall which was too small to receive them. they met the director who briefed them about the history of schneller school and its current work and ministry. he then took them around the school showing them the various departments and facilities. they visited st. michael's church, the biblical botanic garden, the bakery, and the guest house. they were very happy to see our school in its lebanese spring glory, and of course, were delighted to see our bakery eagerly requesting to buy our breads. they also went to our guest house to see the rooms as many of them are interested in coming with family and friends for some relaxation for a few days. they were delighted with our campus and facilities, then just before they left, they all rushed to the gatehouse to buy our breads. over eighty persons were trying to buy american women's club in jlss bread and our sales person at the gate was overwhelmed with requests and demands. many types of breads were soon out of stock in the gatehouse and we had to call the bakery to send more supplies in order to remove the sad expressions of disappointment on the faces of our guests. a few minutes felt like hours, and then the bread would arrive and the commotion would resume. we hope our guests were all served to their satisfaction and we apologize for any shortcomings on our staff.
we also received the previous day food items donated to our school by the american women's league in beirut. it consisted of rice, wheat, lentils, chickpeas, and a variety of beans. we express our thanks to the women's league in beirut for this kind donation. we also thank the women's club for their visit. we look forward to receiving many of them in our guesthouse, and we hope they will all visit us again.
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